Action 24

Active Citizens for Responsive Legislatures: The right to a safe and protected environment and the commitment to a sustainable future is enshrined in the South African Constitution. However, people are experiencing environmental and climate injustices all over the country - and so they are becoming active citizens to have their say for the future we want.

Climate Reality Leaders

African Climate Reality Project supports 1,215 trained Climate Reality Leaders across the continent in taking the #leadonclimate at every level

Sink our CO2

Sink Our CO2 is the African Climate Reality Project campaign aimed at creating awareness about forests and soils as our crucial carbon sinks, and inspiring people to plant and protect trees.

Zero Emissions | Omissions

Zero is the African Climate Reality Project campaign calling on the African Development Bank to implement a fossil fuel finance exclusion policy, and fund the Africa we want - one that is equitable and sustainable.

Solutions to climate change do not only come from research centers and laboratories but also through innovation by the people most affected.

—Kofi Annan