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We welcome volunteers to assist us on our campaigns. Their mission? Help us raise awareness on and support action to address climate change in Africa and to call for a just transition to a sustainable future.

This is a great opportunity to engage with climate activists, learn, share and gain experience in a range of communications skills. Also an excellent post to add to your resume!

Volunteers can help us make calls, respond to emails, write articles, help organise events, etc.

Some things we hope you can help with:

  • Event management, including helping Climate Leaders with outreach activities
  • Writing articles for our website
  • Doing research on campaign-related topics
  • Fundraising and sponsorship, specifically crowdfunding


  • Do you experience first-hand the reality of climate change in Africa?
  • Do you like sharing stories of climate change?
  • Do you have time to look for and write about more stories?
  • Do you hang out on social media a lot?

Join the African Climate Reality Leaders and our partners in reporting on stories of climate change and solutions across Africa!

Become a Climate Reporter!

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Attend the Climate Reality Leadership Corps

You’ve seen our climate changing. You’ve watched injustice and inequality growing across the planet.

You know we can do better. You can make it happen.

Make a difference by joining the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a global community of world changers working to solve the climate crisis and build a just and healthy future for the Earth.

Attend a free virtual Climate Reality Leadership Corps training with former US Vice President Al Gore and a team of thought leaders, activists, and scientists. And start making a difference when it matters.

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Climate justice is racial justice.