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Carbon sinks act as the world’s last line of defense against climate change.

When implemented correctly, nature-based approaches allow us to implement solutions that have cross-cutting mitigation and adaptation benefits. Conservation, restoration, and the management of ecosystems such as soil play a crucial role in climate change mitigation by helping maintain carbon stocks, improving carbon sequestration, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Likewise, these practices are important for climate change adaptation in terms of buffering societies from the impacts of climate change and reducing disaster risk. Safeguarding biodiversity through the sustainable management of ecosystems is a strategic way of building climate resilience through mitigation (maintaining and enhancing carbon sinks) and adaptation (building more stress-tolerant ecosystems), requiring effective policies for the integrated use of land and natural resources. But, our soil ecosystems are in danger – which means we are too.

Download African Climate Reality Project’s new Sink Our CO2 factsheets to learn more about our soil ecosystems as a carbon sink and climate solution, and what we can do to protect them.

Factsheet 1: Soil as a Carbon Sink 101

Factsheet 1 unpacks soil as a carbon sink – specifically how carbon is stored in and released from soil. It also identifies several factors contributing to soil degradation.

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Factsheet 2: The Distribution of Soil Organic Carbon Stocks in Africa

Factsheet 2 explores the distribution of soil organic carbons stocks in Africa. Regional and country analysis of carbon stocks is provided, as well as a brief outline of the types and impact of soil degradation in Africa.

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Factsheet 3: The Significance of Soil and Threats in Africa

Factsheet 3 identifies the provisioning, regulatory, cultural, and supporting ecosystem services associated with soil before unpacking the threats to Africa’s soil ecosystem services.

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Factsheet 4: What we can do for Africa’s soil

Factsheet 4 is solution-oriented with a focus on what we can do to protect and restore Africa’s soil. The factsheet briefly identifies and defines 5 key sustainable agricultural approaches, and places emphasis on farmer-led approaches to agriculture in Africa. 

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