Global Climate Strike: Climate Reality Leaders take action

African Climate Reality Leaders support the Global Climate Strikes across the continent

From 20th to 27th September, 7.6 million people in 185 countries around the world walked out of school, work, and home, to take to the streets for the biggest Global Climate Strike the world has ever seen – and African Climate Reality Project and our Climate Reality Leaders joined them.



Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim, Climate Reality Leader and founder and leader of Nectar of Hope for Children’s Foundation spoke to the youth at a local school about climate change, and what it means for them. The students then mobilised and joined the school strike for climate. Rahman says:

I am passionate about making our world a better place. I reach out to vulnerable children in various deprived communities to support them in their education and also teach them on ways they could be come leaders to support their communities.”


Climate Reality Leader, member of The Resilient 40, and Founder and Executive Director of GIFSEP – Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation Michael Terungwa supported Fridays for Future in Nigeria as they called for their country to commit to renewable energy.

Mike was joined at the Climate Strike by fellow Climate Reality Leader Rose Agbo Johnson, who was interviewed about why she strikes for climate – watch the video to see what her and other Nigerian students have to say!

South Africa

African Climate Reality Project staff, along with Climate Reality Leaders Sunny Morgan and Gillian Hamilton striked for climate in Johannesburg, calling out Sasol for the toxic air pollution they are causing – which kills thousands of people every year.

African Climate Reality Project staff also joined the march for climate justice in Durban, as hundreds marched to the Durban City Hall, to call on their elected representatives to declare a climate emergency for the region.


Since the start, Climate Reality Leader and founder of the Green Climate Campaign Africa Tim Mugerwa has been supporting and mobilising the Fridays for Future Uganda movement – and did so again in the latest global climate strike.


Climate Reality Leader, member of The Resilient 40 and co-founder of the Young Volunteers for Environment (YVE) Zambia Akufuna Muyunda mobilised the youth of his community to take part in the global climate strike. While everyone was preparing for the big day and making their climate action placards, the group discussed Sustainable Development Goals, and how to put them into action in Africa.

Climate Reality Leader and ACRP Regional Coordinator Ivy Chipasha joined and supported the students of the University of Zambia in their school strike for climate.

Did you join the Global Climate Strike in September and want your climate action to be featured in this gallery? Get in touch with African Climate Reality Project’s Communications Officer here.


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