Climate Leaders in action for Plastic Free July

African Climate Leaders want a plastic free future!

Plastic Pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues with the rapidly growing production of single-use plastic. To combat these issues over the years Climate Reality Leaders have taken the #LeadOnClimate for Plastic Free July. Plastic Free July is a crucial initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation that allows us to work towards our vision of seeing a world free of plastic waste, and take small steps towards big actions. Climate Reality Leaders from the African continent are always eager and look forward to raising awareness about environmental issues. Once again, they used the month of July to educate and mobilise their communities around plastic pollution.

Following on from African Climate Reality Project’s action earlier in the year to Clean Up Africa, ACRP produced a waste audit visual report of all Climate Leaders who took action. This was shared with Climate Leaders ahead of Plastic Free July – to inspire them to action and provide resources and ideas for how they can beat plastic pollution in their communities.   

The report includes recommendations on what can be done to take action and solve this massive problem of plastic waste. See below how Climate Leaders turned inspiration into action, and took the lead on climate for Plastic Free July. 

Joyce Lewis

Joyce Lewis from Nigeria was also one of our Plastic Free July champions in 2020, and this year in an effort to contribute towards a sustainable environment that is free from plastic waste, Joyce formally signed up with a recycling company in Nigeria (Wecyclers) to recycle all her plastic bottles and nylon bags. Thus far, she has recycled over 20kgs of plastic waste. Joyce was trained as a Climate Reality Leader in 2017 in Denver, Colorado. 

Ewi Lamma

Ewi Lamma from Cameroon used Plastic Free July to creatively address an issue that she and her team have faced after planting trees in their area. Almost all of the trees they planted along the street in 2020 were mistakenly cut down by the community while clearing grass. In order to help the community identify the trees, they collected old tires, painted them, and used these to mark all the trees they have planted. 

Jackie May

Jackie May, a climate reality leader who is also the founder and editor of Twyg magazine, was running a campaign with The Beach Co-op. She was also interviewed by Radio 786, a community radio station based in Cape Town to discuss her plastic-free July campaign, and co-authored an Op-ed on South Africa’s plastic pollution problem.

Olawale Yakubu 

Olawale Yakubu from Kwara State Nigeria joined Mission Zero Plastic, and they cleaned the streets of Kwara State. 

Hassan Mowlid Yasin

In partnership with African Youth Initiative on Climate and Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, Hassan Mowlid Yasin of the Somali Greenpeace Association launched five months of training for youth. The training centres on Climate Change and Intergenerational dialogue on youth engagement in climate change policy formulations. The event was launched in Baidoa, Somalia. It will also be held in Mogadishu, Galdogob, and Abudwak over the coming months. In this event, they have trained more than 40 people, with participation from all sectors of society such as the ministry, members of the local parliament, faith-based leaders, and youth. 


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