24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future

The climate crisis, COVID-19, and a global reckoning on racial justice are turning our world upside down, forcing us to rethink normal and opening the door to truly transformative change. With the world asking what comes next, 24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future will be 24 full hours of digital presentations and discussions…

The climate crisis, COVID-19, and a global reckoning on racial justice are turning our world upside down, forcing us to rethink normal and opening the door to truly transformative change.

With the world asking what comes next, 24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future will be 24 full hours of digital presentations and discussions of how the climate crisis, COVID-19, and racial injustice shape our planet and this incredible moment. All led by former Vice President Al Gore and Climate Reality Leaders and happening all around the world.

What:24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future
When: October 10, 4PM ET – October 11, 4PM ET
Where: Internet-enabled devices worldwide (come back soon for more information)
Who: Al Gore, Climate Reality Leaders, and YOU

As a Climate Reality Leader, you know that we are facing an unprecedented series of challenges – a global pandemic, climate crisis, racial injustice, and deep inequities – that have transformed everyday life and created a once-in-a-generation opportunity for change that we cannot squander. With your help, we can call for a just and green recovery and finally build a truly sustainable and equitable future where there is opportunity for all.

The African branch of The Climate Reality Project is aiming to achieve the goal of 100 presentations across the African continent. Can you help us get closer to that mark?

For those who are not trained Climate Reality Leaders, anyone can request a free presentation for their school, office, place of worship, or community. Plus, many presentations will be open to the public, allowing audiences anywhere to log in and join the conversation.

It’s a day to see where we stand – and together – imagine where we can go.

Join us.

Visit 24 Hours of Reality for more information.

Last year, over 50 African Climate Reality Leaders took part in 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action. Take a look through some of the highlights from last year’s global event below.


Climate Reality Leader Mathias Kpethohoto engaged the local students in his community. Read what he says about his 24 Hours of Reality action below, and follow him on Twitter.

L’événement “24 heures de Réalité: la Vérité en Action” que nous avons organisé au Bénin était une réussite parfaite car les étudiants ont aimé cet événement. Cela s’est déroulé dans de bonne ambiance avec la satisfaction de toutes et de tous. Faire une communication sur la crise climatique est importante pour moi parce qu’il faut sensibiliser sur la menace que constitue cette crise. Et pour ma région parce qu’il est souvent très utile que les gens comprennent les causes et les effets des phénomènes et catastrophes naturels des temps imprévisibles qui se produisent dans leur environnement immédiat et qui sont liés aux crises du changement climatique. Il est aussi important pour ma région d’être informée de la crise climatique et d’être en mesure de chercher des solutions adéquates à cette crise.

Je crois pour ma part que l’événement 24 Heures de Réalité a renforcé la connaissance des participants sur les causes et les effets de la crise du changement climatique. Ils sont prêts à initier (engager) des actions pour inspirer la communauté.


Climate Reality Leader, Dane Armstrong and the Eswatini Climate Coalition took on 24 Hours of Reality with two events, at Waterford Kamhlaba United World College and the Mbabane National Library. At Waterford Kamhlaba Dane and the WK Climate Kids put climate truth into action, by planting trees and climate striking! Follow the Eswatini Climate Coalition on Instagram here.


Climate Reality Leader Ama Frimpomaa Asamoah showed how to #LeadOnClimate in Accra, Ghana by engaging the students of St. George Anglican School under the My School Tree Project. Frimpy raised awareness about environmental degradation and gave students practical skills in tree planting which she hopes will ultimately trickle down to household levels across communities. Follow Frimpy on Twitter here.


Climate Reality Leader Duncan Okowa spoke Truth into Action in Siaya Town, Kenya with community members that depend on fishing and farming – both of which are being impacted by the climate crisis through dwindling fish populations, extended droughts, and flooding. Duncan spoke to this community about how they can take action as individuals, and as a collective. Follow Duncan on Twitter here.

Madagascar & Mauritius

Climate Reality Leader Ryad Subratty was the only African Climate Reality Leader to #LeadOnClimate in two countries in the 24 hours! After presenting in Bagatelle, Mauritius, Ryad made his way to Antananarivo, Madagascar to speak Truth into Action again. Follow Ryad on Twitter here.


There were six Climate Reality Leaders that spoke Truth into Action in Nigeria – here are a few of them:

Michael Terungwa

Mike, our West Africa Regional Coordinator spoke to teachers involved in Secondary Schools curriculum development in Abuja, who at the presentation pledged to ensure the inclusion of Climate Change into the curriculum of junior and high schools in Nigeria. Follow Mike on Twitter here.

Rose Agbo

Climate Reality Leader, Rose Agbo engaged local faith leaders, teachers, and artisans on the impacts of and solutions to the climate crisis for 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action. She says, “It makes so much sense to partner with religious leaders and teachers because they are the frontliners and influencers: always in a learning-focused environment, interacting with vulnerable groups.”

Follow Rose on Twitter here.

Gloria Bulus

Climate Reality Leader, Gloria spoke climate truth into action at two 24 Hours of Reality events in Abuja. At the first, Gloria engaged with the students of a local secondary school on what the climate crisis means for them, and what they can do about it. At the second, Gloria spoke to local civil society representatives on the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change. Follow Gloria on Twitter here.

Sierra Leone

The Freetown City Council joined Climate Reality’s global day of action by hosting Climate Reality Leader, Gillian Hamilton from South Africa over video call! The conference took place in the Mayor’s Parlour and was attended by the Minister of Environment, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Environment, councillors, civil society, and conservationists. During discussion on constructive and effective climate action, the Minister of Environment even expressed the intention to ban single-use plastics.


Climate Reality Leader, Abdullahi Alas engaged Somali youth of the Mogadishu Hub of Global Shapers, bringing the climate facts and hopeful solutions that these youth can action in their communities. Abdullahi says that we can #ActOnClimate by doing something as simple as talking about it with our family and friends. Follow Abdullahi on Twitter here.

South Africa

There were eleven Truth in Action events in South Africa – the highest number in one country out of the whole continent! Here are a few of them:

Professor Nick King

Climate Reality Leader, Nick spoke about what the climate crisis means for South Africa and the community of Cape Town – a town that almost ran out of water in 2018.

He said that climate change impacts in South Africa are likely to be felt primarily through the impacts on water resources. He also spoke about climate solutions, and that our greatest challenge is a mindset challenge. The evening was also supported by Climate Reality Leaders David le Page, Chris Wild, Rachel Mash, and Sue Bellinger, and the Rotary International District 9350. The audience heard from David on how divestment campaigns are one of the best ways to motivate companies to exit fossil fuel funding. They also gained insight from Matome Kapa of the Centre for Environmental Rights on the legal perspectives of climate change, and YouLead Warrior and youth climate activist Lisakhanya Mathiso on why youth must be part of the climate conversation, and why climate literacy must be advanced through the school curriculum. The event was filled with thoughtful, and action-inspiring conversations, with thanks to the sponsorship of Workshop17 for providing their venue, and Backsberg winery for sponsoring their carbon neutral wine for a climate action evening.

Adrie Fourie

Climate Reality Leader, Adrie gave two presentations over the 24 hours in collaboration with the Living Futures Collaborative, focusing on sustainable development and living buildings for a living future.

Amanda Archibong

Climate Reality Leader, Amanda spoke climate truth into action and focused on how youth voices are crucial to the climate action movement. Reinforcing the science of climate change, and its impacts on our daily lives, Amanda engaged the Johannesburg Hub of World Economic Forum Global Shapers on what they can do to take climate action. Follow Amanda on Twitter here.

Gregory Beyers

Climate Reality Leader, Greg also presented twice over the 24 hours. The first event engaged local municipal government representatives in Nelspruit, Mpumulanga, on local climate adaptation response plans and active implementation of these plans. The second event took place at U3A – University of the Third Age, a learning co-operative for senior citizens from all walks of life. At this second event, Greg presented under the banner of ‘I Dare You’, daring the audience to take positive climate action – taking small steps to create big change.

Clement Agoni

Climate Reality Leader, Clement – also a doctoral student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal – spread climate truth into action with Toastmasters of Westville, Durban. Follow Clement on Twitter here.

Sunny Morgan

Sunny ‘The Solar Guy’ Morgan is always game for Climate Reality actions, and he spent 24 Hours of Reality with group of agricultural learners from Kwa-Thema Skills School, who have formed a cooperative to do farming in Gauteng. Follow Sunny on Twitter here.


Climate Reality Leader, Nancy Sumari presented Truth In Action to students and teachers in Dar es Salaam, and discussed with her audience on how every single person has a role to play in the fight against climate breakdown. After the presentation, the audience took a pledge to commit to taking climate action in their communities. Follow Nancy on Twitter here.


Climate Reality Leader and our East Africa Regional Coordinator, Timothy Mugerwa held two Truth in Action events over the 24 hours. First Tim presented 24 Hours of Reality to Helpful African Youth Foundation, discussing climate impacts and solutions, inspiring members to take action on a regional and global scale. He then went on to engage a large audience at Kampala International University, and he was joined by Fridays for Future Uganda! Follow Tim on Twitter here.


Climate Reality Leader Ivy Chipasha took climate truth to the youth of Zambia at a local school – because if they youth are not a part of the conversation today, what kind of future will they inherit?

This is just a handful of the 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action events that took place in Africa. If you are a Climate Reality Leader and would like your event to be featured, send the details and your photos to our Communications Officer.


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