Youth: Not On Our Soil – A Climate Justice Reality

The youth are demanding a sustainable and equitable future. Watch this episode of Not On Our Soil - A Climate Justice Reality.

“I would say that the youth is very angry – very very angry. Because we are in demand of change. I’m very positive that we’re going to get our voices heard and we’re going to get the change that we are longing.”

In this episode of Not on Our Soil – A Climate Justice Reality, meet Caleb Kay, [email protected] Youth Activist, and Lisakhanya Mathiso, Project 90 by 2030 YouLead Warrior – two youth climate justice activists from the Western Cape, South Africa.

This episode dives into their stories, what it feels like to be a youth facing the climate emergency and environmental injustices, and how they have found their voices to have their say and bring about tangible change for the future they want.

Take part in the decisions that affect our future and the future of our planet. Download your free copy of the Action 24 Toolkit for Citizens’ Engagement with Legislatures today.

This docuseries is co-funded by the European Union and The Climate Reality Project, and filmed and directed by ReWild Africa.

African Climate Reality Project

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