Community: Not On Our Soil – A Climate Justice Reality

There is no climate justice without social justice. Watch this episode of Not On Our Soil - A Climate Justice Reality.

“I believe that there is no environmental justice without social justice. You know that it won’t change today, but if you don’t do anything about it, it may not change ever.”

In this episode of Not On Our Soil – A Climate Justice Reality, meet Siya Myeza from the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG), an organisation that works with community partners in Cape Town for empowerment by facilitating spaces to question water governance, and introducing tools to challenge the politics of water.

This episode of Not On Our Soil dives into Siya’s story, the injustices in water governance in Cape Town communities, and the power of community-led alternatives building independence and sustainability based on self-knowledge and resilience, and activating continuous change that fosters dignified livelihoods.

EMG works closely with community groups in various provinces in South Africa including the Western Cape, and in this episode Siya is joined by the Green Park Youth Group in Mfuleni, and Ntombikayise Dondi, Nosipho Memeza, and Khutala Magadlela of Makhaza Wetland Food Growers in Khayelitsha. Find out more about EMG and the communities they work with here.

Take part in the decisions that affect our future and the future of our planet. Download your free copy of the Action 24 Toolkit for Citizens’ Engagement with Legislatures today.

This docuseries is co-funded by the European Union and The Climate Reality Project, and is filmed and directed by ReWild Africa.

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